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This page includes articles designed to improve your teaching and stimulate online discussion of key literacy issues

A Novel Approach to Integrating Literacy and STEM

Multimodal Literacy: A “New” and Expanded Definition

Web Wonders: November 2016

Political Connections: Teaching About the Presidential Election

Teach More, Test Less, Empower Teachers and Students

Social Media in the Classroom: November 2015

Web Wonders: September 2015

Instructional Strategy vs. Learning Activity

Giving Back: Community Outreach at Harris Stowe State University

Voices from the Library: April 2015

Content Area Reading and Writing Strategies

Voices from the Library: February 2014

From the Words of Snoopy: “Good Writing is Hard Work”

Web Wonders: Nov. 2014

Voices from the Library: September 2014

Highlights from the Literacy for All Conference Oct. 2014

Web Wonders: September 2014

Voices from the Library: September 2014

Bringing National Literacy Experts on Close Reading to Your School

Web Wonders: April 2014

Voices from the Library: April 2014

How Parents Can Help Support the Common Core Standards in Literacy: February 2014

Web Wonders: September 2013

Voices from the Library:  September 2013

Write to Read:  A Tale of Effective Literacy Partnerships

Highlights from the 2013 Write to Learn Conference

Scafffolding Instruction in Light of CCSS

Common Core: Extending the Dialogue

Highlights of the Literacy for All Conference, Fall 2012

Highlights of November 2012 Missouri Early Learning Conference

Summary of Presentation by Dr. Ernest Morrell at December 2012 Meeting

Web Wonders: September 2012

What if…Middle School Educators Incorporated Informal Writing Into Content Area Classrooms

Award Winning Guest Speaker Alan Sitomer Energizes Audience at Sept. 27, 2011 Meeting

Gifted and Literacy, November 2011

Voices from the Library, November 2011

Revisiting SSR: The Implications for Educators and Students

Web Wonders: August 2011

Building a Strong Foundation for Writer’s Workshop with Writer’s Notebook

Ringing in the New Year with Web Wonders:  February 2011

Let’s Not Forget the Major Value of a Really Old Practice: February 2011

Voices from the Library, February 2011

A Current Look at Comprehension Strategy Instruction:  Implications for Practice:  April 2011

What’s New with IRA? A Report from Mary Jo Barker: MSC-IRA Sate Coordinator

Voices from the Library, April 2011

Web Wonders, April 2011

The Virtual Teacher’s Lounge, February 2012

A Summary of Overmeyer’s “Reaching the Reluctant Writer”

Engaging Children in Deep Comprehension Through Conversation, April 2012

Common Core Standards for English Language Arts (CCSS-ELA), Grades 2-5:  Practical Strategies for Districts, Schools, and Teachers, September 2012


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